About Us

Who We Are

FutureNative Holding (FNH), a modern landmark in the middle east and Africa. FNH is an international investment holding company incorporated in the USA.

We are a fast-growing regional leader in hospitality, private aviation, real estate development, energy, healthcare, FMCG as well as international trading of commodities.

Here at FutureNative Holding, we see our work as a balanced formula between our
family history and the cutting-edge technology for a forever progressive future. Our
long term strategy is to grow further into Africa in preparation for the generations

Strong from our past, we position ourselves today as proudly innovative, dynamic,
hardworking and collaborative team.We believe in QUALITY, we believe in
TECHNOLOGY and we believe in the FUTURE.

Our alliance endeavors and partners across all industries are our STRENGTH.
Allowing us to expand and thrive in multiple markets and regions across the world.

The culture that we embody and nurture will break boundaries and barriers to create
an international family. Our holding hosts over 100 employees across our group and
affiliated companies worldwide.

Our Vision

  • Build an international network while staying strongly rooted in our values and cultural foundations.
  • Invest in innovation and technology.
  • Be global, be international while supporting local communities and especially the environment and the youth. 
  • Expand in Africa and continue the work of growth in every country that might need us. 

Our mission

Future Naive Holding management team are focused on the long-term success of our businesses promoting management stability and encouraging prudent risk management.

  • Our first mission: MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE.
  • Contribute to the development of Africa, the new emerging world.
  • Bring International expertise to Libya as well as all other countries where we are and will be implemented.
  • Build strong partnerships.
  • Never make concessions over Quality.