By definition, we are an international physical commodities brokers. Transacting
commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and

We provide an efficient central management of trading activities across the world;
our suppliers are located in four different continents and our clients are based in the
MENA region.

Our international trading business includes two main branches:
Agriculture Commodities:
Moving goods from the Black Sea and Latin America to the Mena region. We trade
grains, vegetable oils, vegetable seeds, sugar, coffee and so much more. We trade
physical commodities working out optimal ways to pass goods from their points of
origin to the points of consumption. Exporting and importing goods and products
helps us link countries together.

Petrochemicals and Oil commodities:
From Libya to the rest of the world we export and supply petrochemicals and oil
commodities used in multiple industries. We are proud to work along side the
National Oil Corporation of Libya (NOC). Our resources are our pride and our

Main products traded are Fueloil, Gasoil naphtha, gas butane, LPG, Sulphur an